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Symbolism in the Bible- Food & Nourishment eBook

Symbolism in the Bible- Food & Nourishment eBook

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Are You a Foodie?  Do you want to learn more about food in the Bible and its symbolism?

A guide to the symbolism of many foods in the Bible, including milk, honey, bread, and more.  Looking at scripture to describe food in biblical times and what it represents in our spiritual life. 


  1. What the Bible says about many food items
  2. How the food was used in biblical times and its symbolism in God's Word
  3. God's rules about honey


  1. Downloads with scripture for further study or memorization
  2. In-depth look at fish and fishing in the Bible
  3. In-depth study of olives, olive trees and olive branches.

* 122 pages


* This is a digital product. Instantly downloadable. Nothing physical will ship.

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