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Mega Meal Planning and Food Storage Resources and Planning Pack

Mega Meal Planning and Food Storage Resources and Planning Pack

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Overwhelmed with Meal Planning, Shopping and Food Storage?

Everything you need to shop, plan and prepare for holiday meals and year-round meals including food storage charts and so much more! Charts, worksheets, planners, and instructions for meal planning, holiday meal planning, and the age-old question how long do food items last before they spoil?


  1. Amazing shopping tips for holidays and year-round
  2. The easy, no-stress way to meal plan weekly and for holiday gatherings
  3. How to manage leftovers and stop throwing away UFOs (unidentified food objects)
  4. How long food lasts in the fridge, pantry, and freezer
  5. What Use and Sell by Dates really mean
  6. How to safely freeze and reheat food
  7. How to clean every surface in your kitchen


  1. Weekly and holiday meal plan worksheets
  2. Printable food storage charts
  3. Leftover worksheet
  4. Bonus images to print for planners, calendars, and Bible journaling

*26 downloads, in all, many multi-paged


* This is a digital product. Instantly downloadable. Nothing physical will ship.

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