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The God Centered Marriage Course

The God Centered Marriage Course

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When You Grow Closer to God, You and Your Husband Grow Closer.  A three-cord strand is not easily broken.

Marriage is hard work, but it also is one of the most beautiful, God-ordained unions. You desire to have a marriage that is strong, yet intimate and one that honors our Heavenly Father. In this course, The God-Centered Marriage, we will deep dive into nine areas of marriage and give practical action steps to honor God


  1. How to set boundaries around your marriage
  2. Identifying your spouse's love language and showing them love through it
  3. Improving communication in your marriage
  4. Resolving conflict
  5. The importance of sex and intimacy
  6. Managing money and finances without conflict
  7. Friendship, fellowship and identify godly mentors


  1. Workbook and study guide
  2. Bonuses on date nights in and out of the home with printables
  3. God's design for marriage and worksheets to help you


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